Tuesday, July 12, 2005

.: My Hero :.

You're always a brave man in my life,
Smile is never lost seen on your most graceful face
Even though there are tough times in our life;

You always beat the challenges by yourself,
This time you're not alone,
we'll fight together with you, dad;
You've beaten the most difficult times,
this is just like a snap of finger. You can do it!

You have the biggest heart and God wont take that away from you,
and from us;
Life is beautiful, dad, and you'll taste the beauty of it again soon.

"Sir, I want to see a brave man walking around the site with commanding power.I miss you alot, come fast. Until that I pray to my God for your good. Ur bro, Rajesh" -- Rajesh, my dad's colleague sent SMS to his phone.

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Joo said...

/e6/e6/e6..Don't Worry Be Happy~ regards....