Friday, July 01, 2005

.: Decision to make :.

Writing this post at the office during lunch hour--I was seated at the corner so I have the least attention. QUite a nice place to sit as no one cares what am doing, except that I have to report to my head end of the day... Even my ex-supervisor JEnnifer forgot to call me out for lunch since I was seated in different place today. Anywayz, work has been OKAY.. quite boring. What I did is just charting, checking report, recruting and filter respondents... so far that is all.

I've been offered a job as Global Support Executive (NICE NAME!!) in HDPM (a HSBC group) at Cyberjaya -- as back-end data processing officer I think. If I'm through for the final interview, I'll be working for Taiwan continent who yeah, processes data for Taiwan HSBC customers, deals with Taiwan HSBC bankers though. As I said, a back-end. So I'll never need to speak with the customer I presume. Salary is 1.5-1.8k .. Working hours is perfectly normal (9-6pm) as others who work for UK or US would have to stay up while people are going to bed. I've been troubled by the salary and job scope, I wonder would it be interesting and well-paid. My parents and Jennifer, even Dan babe said go ahead and do it as I'm fresh grad, being with HSBC gives me a better background. But I have another job offer as a Java Programmer which is still pending now and I got a decision to make on next Wednesday! I hope I can have an answer from the other job before next Wed, so it'll be easier for me to make decision. It's quite troubling as human always hope for better. But would I regret for what I missed -- this is the most terrifying feeling. I certainly dont wish to be 1 of the unemployed in Malaysia, but looking at offers I feel that I deserve better? Greedy? Or maybe..... just fit into this job in HDPM, spend 6months-1 year to collect experience, and aim for transferring to different department in HDPM after that, or head outside for a better place. You guys please gimme suggestions and advices. Thanks a million!!


Joo said...

look for the job that related to what u studied, follow your heart **wink** all the best~!


i always believe that you should pick a job that you think you'd like to do, but sometimes we are not so fortunate to get it la. so like i also once said 'You have to start somewhere' then work your way from there...all the best ^^
Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.
- Confucius

Jae said...

Hmm.. thanks for the advices. My ex-supoervisor also advised me to take it first as it's only the first job. Gain experience first then I'll know better what I am looking for.

elljay said...

my dearest could you not called me about the job there =( i guess i have been pretty busy to notice that u r looking for a job..anyway..if you wanna ask anything about it..always welcome to gimme a call..but you know my working hours right *wink* all the best..
**I will not advise anything,all i will said is follow your heart**
**give anything new a try.who knows you might fell in love with it**