Wednesday, August 03, 2005

.: Ready, Get Set, GO! :.

At last am done with the induction training and process training. A very intensive training was given to me which is supposed to be a 2 weeks but I only had 3 days. So it was very dull, packed, dry classroom lectures. Fortunately the trainers are kinda friendly and fun, so we did have fun too. Or maybe there are 3 ladies in the class so they are abit linean... Hmm.. anywayz, tomorrow is the official start day of my work, on the floor. I hope I can learn well and cope fast. ^^

One thing happened that I kinda need compromisation - I gotta compromise with a different shift which is from 12pm-9pm. I actually dont really like it so much becoz I feel like my whole day is wasted. But as you all know I also tend to think alot of positive things too to cover back such as : I can wake up abit late, enjoy my brunch at home, see my mom and dad longer, iron clothes in the morning, watch MTV abit before I go out; then I'll have my early dinner, so much so people said early dinner helps in losing weight hahah Then I think it's a benefit for me mwahahahhahaa, then I can meet with my fella induction friends who are working from 8pm-5am! This is very exciting becoz I do miss them alot. Nah, and then, when I go back, I think the traffic around Puchong area had already loosen, I can avoid traffic jam and when I reach home it'll be about 10pm. Enjoy some fruits or light snack, shower then can watch a movie before sleep becoz I dont need to wake up so early the next day~ ! Ehem, am I being too idealistic already? hahahha But I believe everything happens for a reason. If am chosen for this shift then so be it, I'll try to find the fun of it and I think I'm gonna meet with other great colleagues.

So far I'm seperated from Wendy but I think she'll do fine. I've spent 3 days with 2 new friends I met and we had fun.

So work has finally get serious. I'll do my best to learn and perform. Lastly, congratz to all GF0461COm fellas coursemates as we've got our result. I believe we did fine and I'm looking forward to see you guys on convocation!

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