Sunday, August 07, 2005

.: Attitude :.

I realize my attitude of things had changed in these 2 years. I've become more bold to speak out whenever am not satisfied - I was pretty like a lamb for all the years.

So it happened to be that one night I was sleeping so soundly - the only night that I could sleep without flupill as my nose was not stucked anymore. Then I was awaken by noise around 3++am.... MAN..... and it happened to be that the mother & daughter of next door were quarreling. The daughter always the loudest regardless whether it's her fault or not. It already happened for 10 years, when they quarrelled it feels like they are gonna bring down the house. Okay, so I was awaken, I heard her voice scolding her mom for I dunno what reason. This aint the 1st time they quarrelled during midnight! I already promised myself if this happens again I'm gonna do SOMETHING. So I walked to the window I could hear even clearer... Her voice's amplitute and frequency were VERY VERY high and it irritated me!! So I said "Can lower your volume?" in Cantonese. 1st time I think they heard it but they just didnt give a damn. I heard nothing's changed so I spoke louder with greater dissatisfaction. This time they heard - else they thought who's talking!DUH! And so I back to my bed knowing they lower their volume, and I heard door banging not long after that, I think they stopped and went to bed... Now, It maybe embarassing if I see them.. maybe they are the ones who are embarassed. I dont care - for so many years of education they didnt know quarrelling also must choose time and control the volume?

2nd case, I went to shopping yesterday coz I deparately need a new pair of slacks. And I hope I could get 1-2 shawls becoz they make me look more lady-like while working... (duh~) . So I came to this stall where they sell scarfs and shawls. I saw the ones hanging are RM50 for 2. But I wasnt attracted by them but the ones folded. So I looked at them and thought what color I wanted. The promoter saw me standing there she walked to me, silent. Looked at me looking at the shawls and seemed like preparing to serve a difficult customer while actually I am not. So I picked 1 shawl and see if the color is nice. Mom helped me pick the color too. The promoter is a very particular person I think - for EVERY PIECE of shawl I took she folded and put back with a very annoyed kind of face. I mean if you can imagine the situation. Okay fine I tried to understand if this is something she must do - TO INSTANTLY FOLD BACK EVEN WHEN A CUSTOMER IS PICKING. I already helped her to fold it but she refolded it when I passed back to her. I saw the face of hers so I passed back whichever I took and said " Hmm I think I let you do the folding" with a smile on my face! She not only folded the one I took she even re-folded the one which is below it! So I thought of buying 1, I asked her how much is it coz I know the hanging ones are RM50 for 2 but I am not sure wherether the folded ones are also the same. She pointed at the price card without saying ANYTHING. What the *doot*! For that moment I was pissed and I wanted to ask her if she was having sorethroat, having menstrual pain or she is mute! Forgive me for being mean but I really didnt like that kind of look on her face! I told my bro about it and we joked about it:

Me: For that moment I should have said "sorry, I cant read(uneducated), can you tell me pls?"
cK : YEAH! Or maybe, " Sorry I cant read, can you.... OOps, are you mute?"

Long-winded story... but I enjoyed it hahahahahha Imagine I really said that, I wonder how she would react? Would we quarrel there for everyone to see? If the daughter fought back would we have our own quarrel in the middle of the night..... Lolz.....

Interesting..... ~~


Wimal said...

Jae, I think you did the right thing with the neighbours and you probably saved several neighbours of yours from the screaming hell in the middle of the night. Good job! :D

As for the salesperson, she is either just like that or she is being very rude. I just can't stand this kind of service. I'm currently part time in the service line and I must serve my customers with a happy face whether I like it or not. hehehe.

Jae said...

LOLX!! Yeah!! I cant tahan this screaming thing... what a shame.. these 2 days they are very quiet hahahhahaa!

Hmm yeah service industry is like this u gotta provide a good service as to reflect ur company's reputation & impression. Very important!! Keep it up!!

Anonymous said...

Babe, why not u show your customers-are-always-right attitude to that gal? if i were u .. i will definitely do so ... u know .. we pay for her salary :)

oh well, like lastime how i did to maxis staff in sg wang :P

show ur power ! but dont overlimit like a jerk :P