Saturday, August 13, 2005

.: dum dee dum... :.

My dad can resume working! Hehehe I can tell he's so happy about it becoz he is so bored at home. I'm glad he can now do whatever he wants, but need to watch out the diet. Happy :)

Work is alright.... being a subordinate of coz will be "advised" here and there when mistakes are made but I can take it coz am still new. Hehe... colleagues are all very nice, in fact they are all very very funny! I can see being in the international and well known company is an advantage for me to learn, the facilities are of coz better as it needs to serve 2000 people. Cut cost is 1 of the issue though as they also gotta serve 2000 people.. Lolz.... But anywayz it's quite alright. I can spend my time real fast week after week without realizing it..... Hmm bad thing or good thing?

Nothing special... Hope you all take care, drink lots of water, if no important matter dont stay outdoor for so long k... Wish you all healthy. I miss you, for whoever you are~! Hehehee


Wimal said...

I'm glad to hear the good news about your dad. :)

As for your work, that's good news too. I'm currently working part time and will start my full time job in September but the part time work is also fun at times but will kena "advised" also. :P

Jae said...

hehehe Thanks wimal chai... I guess everyone somehow learn new things in working. The feeling of getting the 1st permanent and serious job is really different. Need to think alot and plan alot. Take care. The weather is becoming better. YAHOO!!!