Wednesday, June 13, 2007

.: Understandable .... not :.

I have this doubt since morning and I just can't figure out why people will behave as such - which I encountered this morning in Star LRT.

It happened like this...

8.05am, the next train arrived at Bukit Jalil Start LRT station. As usual, I stepped into the train when doors opened and found a spot where it fits 1 person. It's the end of the deck so I lean on the wall and face front while people are sitting on my both sides.

Side track: Why I'd say it fits 1 person. Now, the civilization of mankind has come to a stage where "privacy" is something that everybody asks for in any place, including lift, bus, train. The minimum SPACE that everyone seeks for from stranger is as minimum as few inches apart from each other, and it could be as comfortable already. So, the 1 person space is what I prefer as I think it makes me comfortable, and I won't be in anyone's way to get into, or get out of the train. I wouldn't mind standing side holding the hanger as long as the person next to me, or in front of me, of behind of me respects both of us enough to try not making me feel like she/he is trying to molest me.

Okay, story continues.

8.15am, train arrived at Taman Tasik Selatan station, 2 girls came in, aged around 12-13 y/o with a sister(I guess) accompanied them. One of the adolescence came to stand next to me, and she's not skinny, she's quite a plump girl, so I moved 1-2 step to the right giving her space wondering why she still wants to squeeze in. Another 2 girls were in front of me. This girl who's next to me asked her friend, a specky skinny girl to came stand with her, which made 3 persons standing in a place that fits for maximum 2! And having 2 persons already making it strange enough as there's no space in between already! And that friend really stepped in and squeeze in between me and the plump girl. And I had to take 1-2 steps to the right some more, and now my right leg is actually in between of the legs of a sitting guy. I wouldn't know if he's feeling excited or feeling strange, he just looked down and reading his chinese comic book.

Feeling weird enough, this 2 girls didn't seem to feel anything wrong. Specky little girl was holding an article printed from school/home, teaching the plump girl. And she sang, I think. Some islamic story as I peeked. Don't get me wrong I am equally excited and even felt glad that they are very interested into the learning as you don't see many teenagers like that around anymore! However, being as stubborn as I am too I didn't give in and just let this 2 adolescences take my place! I even doubt and took extra cautious on my phone in my pocket - you never know what people are up to nowadays.

For some seconds I thought I am invisible to them.

Their sister asked the specky girl to come out and stand near her when she got a place to sit after few stations. And I thought "oh good! At last!" as I know she must have understood the girls were making me uncomfortable. Though I've got my Justin Timberlake jamming my eardrum I could figure out that the specky little girl said something like :" nah, I'm fine,I can lean on the wall" What? HELLO~~~~?

Alright... alright.. giving up the thoughts to feel hesitated yet want to make them feel they shouldn't have done that, I continued standing on my spot until my stop. I got out at Masjid Jamek station carrying the thought of .. strangeness. Perhaps when they're older they will understand the need for some privacy and the respect to keep a minimum distance, even at public place.

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