Tuesday, June 05, 2007

.: It's a small small world :.

Have you been to tourist spots where they consolidated the world's famous spots and made a park full of them? And you "tour around the world" in 1 1/2 hrs and making sure your cybershot never miss the 7 wonders of the world?

What is it like when you're in a park like that but instead of places you see, it's the people you meet?

Never thought that playing a virtual game, make it Online can somehow bring people together, greet each other, or hate each other unknowing how they even look like! Does this eliminate the discrimination by race/appearance? It doesn't matter how beautiful/handsome you are, once you behave like a bitch or a jerk you are recognized as that.

Eirinn:"I can't resurrect. They are camping me!"

Gundisalv:"Just hang on. Now this adds on to our vengeance ain't it :)"

It's a virtual world, people might say. BUT yet the virtual person in the game reflects the personality of the player directly, they can be any of these:

Knowledgeable and wise,
funny and comedic,
passive and introvert,
petty and hateful,
self-centered and greedy,
strategic and skillful,
un-responsive and selfish,
control-freak and dictatorship,
leader and follower,
And the list go on and on .......

Player 1:"I die one after another resurrection! There are just too many around in a sudden. Can somebody help me!"

Player 2: "Lol.. face problem"

Player 1: "Hey! I ask for a hand and I got **** response?"

Player 3: "Chill mate, he was just kidding, don't be so emotional!"

Now, words as simple and you can never hear a person saying it can actually make you happy or provoke your anger. Ridiculous you might say. But that's how powerful wording is.

Game as such attracts the attention of parents. Mine nagged plenty when we first got hooked up to the trend and now compromised, even stood behind me watching me pawn mobs, or got pawned. Guess they understand this is one of the ways to know people and see more personalities that we don't normally see, be it in the family or work place.

"Oh man!! I took the wrong route!" I sighed. "Now I have to run from the top of the map till the end!"

"Haha, why? you didn't understand the map?" Mom asked.

"You see, here is where I'm supposed to go, and here is the shortest way. But why didn't I see the whole map is surrounded by mounts and I can't get through it" I explained.

"Awwwww, pity u...." Bro added sarcastically.

"Shut up..lol" I said.

She giggled and walked away.

I can't agree more that somehow it teaches, it is not merely playing. You learn when you play and you can find out there are people like yourself, or the total opposite. It's like a mirror to yourself when you see people behaving like you. Don't be surprised when you actually dislike that person. Take a thought to it and realize some ugly sides of yours are discovered by yourself through the mirror.

Game like this is not meant to play alone, if you don't like interaction, or can't take the insults positively thrown by the enemies, play offline game instead.

Karlx: "Old Mc'Donald have a farm.. Eee Aaa Eee Aaar Yo!!"

Gundisalv: "There he is."

Eirinn: "Hey I thought you still need some Yeti Fur." A heartily reminder while summoning Pinto.

Karlx: "Yup!"

"Okay! Alterac Mountain it is .Hey you shorty don't get pawn when you get down here!". Gundisalv mount to his war stallion.

Karlx petting his panther:"Eee Aa Eee Aar O!!!Shorty ain't me! Clemex! Get out from the Ogre's tummy! We gotta go."



s7even said...

hahaha, nicely written.. remind me so much when i played ro.. any online game for that matter...

yup, words can be powerful... even i have to choose the words carefully when i chat online so that it sounded non offensive...

Jae said...

:) It's like from a small pond to an ocean where I get to see more people and realize my used to be skillful playing in that pond is not enough to shine in the ocean. Got "advised" by KY most of the time and still trying to improve Hahaha.