Friday, June 15, 2007

.: Warmth :.

Walked alone in the rain yesterday after getting off LRT... A slow walk may seem to be perfect, but having the worry of getting sick, I just put on my earphone, and took light & fast steps instead.

Along the road I saw traffic that were there to pick up children/wife/husband/parents etc... I was glad I didn't call my mom to come pick me up or she'd have stuck there forever..

Was troubled by some thoughts, a walk in the rain perhaps can help me think better. Slowly I realize my face was wet. After crossing a junction I had to stop under the traffic light as it was green, I couldn't possible cross the road without getting honked by maddening drivers..

I was still under the traffic light after few minutes, I wondered what would they think sitting in their vehicles, comfortably.. My mind wandered off with the lyrics "What goes around, comes around .. " I could already imagine the nagging from mom " Why didn't bring umbrella... Why didn't call me.. " bla.. Consciously I looked to the back, no one. I was relief. You gotta be extra cautious living in the society as such nowadays..

Just when I started to wonder when will it turn red, a shadow sheltered me. I looked up and saw a familiar face, couldn't help but gave him a smile - my brother held the umbrella above of my head. He pushed me lightly, with the usual-typical sarcastic tone he said:"Is it so cool to walk under the rain huh?"

We walked home together..

"Wait lar! Dont walk so fast I can't catch up!" He complained.

"Dont bother! It's okay!"

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