Monday, January 15, 2007

.: A life after it :.

After the clouds are clear, the sun seems shinier than any other days. Hope is reinstalled upon a realization after much of a pondering over time. Smiles are found again on the faces, Love is seen again in the eyes of the beholder and Passion is flamed upon anticipation unleashed from the confiner.

It just feels so great to come out from it. She sees herself in the mist of the past, the shadow she has no intention for abolishment but allow it to become a warning for herself to never turn back to be.

On the other side of it stands the reception of a warm & loving heart. Trust herself it is the heart she shall be chasing after. A self she's now carries a different view on the valuable kinship, not because of all the unashamed show offs; But how the heart makes her see themselves in a path that is unpredictable yet planned in a name of future. Companionship & togetherness she now feels are the inspiration the heart instills onto her. A desirous hope for eternity which she never thought is realistic in the pacing cruelty world somehow lurking in her mind.

Beautiful & Inspirational, that is.

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