Friday, July 06, 2007

.: Reflection of the 1/2 :.

Lived the half year 2007 without realizing it'll be soon reaching to the end, again.
I term my 2007 as a growth of my new form of living. Basically because I now have a different role to play and a different person to become.

What happened to me?

I'd never thought that I'd one day change who I am. How many of you do actually have this idea in the back of your mind that constantly asking yourself if you are good being who you are... would it be not good enough? The question is, enough to yourself? Or to other people?

I've become more patient. Particularly because I need to be or I'll continue living in misery. "Just hold on, it's gonna be alright. You will see it." .. This sentence calms me.

I've learn to become more understanding, particularly putting myself in another one's shoes, and not by just thinking about myself. I am still, learning.

I've become more initiative, particularly in planning and taking action to realize it, which I can see the difference after actions taken.

I've become more ... hardworking in terms of with-holding the relationship which I say I appreciate very much. Words cannot describe and can never tell enough how much I mean, I hope actions do. If you want something to happen, you have to make it happen.

I've learned to love. From only receiving and less giving, I learn to give now. Some say giving could feel much bitter than receiving, I felt it. But think about it the other way, I am happy I am able to give. I may never get the chance to feel the way I feel now if he never appeared.

I've learned to look at things in a round way. But it indirectly has brought me the risk of sitting on the fence because it is hard to conclude if you look at things from many angles. Too many possibilities. Find the fairest then. Trust what my heart tells me, should be helpful.

Thankful it has become somewhat a different year to me.

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