Friday, June 17, 2005

.: An End, A Beginning :.

Yoohooo~~~ Allow me to cheer for a while. I'm graduated! Final exam is over and I'm free like a bird~~~~~ (nah, dont remind me of looking for a job now, as I just emailed to a friend and my interview date will be arranged soon!) NOW, MY MOVIES!! I'M COMING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So the last 3 papers have come to an end... Life for studying has ended. Gonna have a short break before another journey of life. I really wonder how would it be. No matter how, I'll do my best. It's how I wanna make my life right now.

Happy. happy. happy.

Oh yeah, met Eugene aka Jetyr in APIIT today. Nice meeting ya. Take care. And enjoy the cruelty of APIIT mwahahahhahahahaha!!!!

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