Tuesday, June 07, 2005

.: Music Baton :.

I..... have been tagged by Daniel (ggrrrrrr.... it's quite fun though) Here I go.

Total volume of music files in my computer: 3.8GB of MP3s and 1.08GB of MTVs

The last CD I bought: I... cant remember. I think it's LP's [Reanimation] (whoa that's darn long time ago!!!!)

Song playing right now: None. Not quite in the mood yet.

Five songs that I listen alot and mean alot:
1. Evenenscence - My Immortal: the 1st song that made me cry over it without any reason. JUST SAD.

2. Linkin Park & Jay Z - Numb/Encore: COOL, COOL, COOL!

3. Leo Ku - Midley ( Geng Ko Kam Kuk): Simply marvelous but long winded. A collection of nice songs in one.

4. Ah Sang - Ye Zi (Leaf): the other song that made me cry... A very quiet song. Nice.

5. Akon - Lonely: I like the "chipmunks" voice. Very cute.

Okay time to be evil....
Five people to whom I pass the baton to:



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