Friday, June 03, 2005

.: Finally...... :.

Everybody, everyone, finally, I AM GRADUATING SOON!!!! Wow.. can't believe this day is arriving. Nice feeling, just abit not used to it as there will be no more assignment!! (DUH!!!!!) Well I know, more society academic assignments, I can sense it (Started to play Star Wars JEDI Knight lately so... Hehe) . Anywayz, byebye study in institute, hello to the institute of society.

I still remember the 1st day I stepped into APIIT KL. I didnt know anyone, the first person I approached were a few Indian girls, befriended them..... then, I knew Jenny, who's my beloved sis now... and I eventually got more and more friends. Wendy, Shay Ker, Jenn and I were the noisiest girls in the class, I guess. I still can remember Ker's laughter. Wendy... now only I realized this small girl got a large voice!!!! And man.. she can REALLY talk!! Then I got to know Daniel, Eric, Derrick, Chang Chew... these few guys been hanging out with us so we were like 8-10 ppl in a gang most of the time. Imagine the noise. But it was fun.

A year passed by... Some left to a better place to continue their study or work. But still we had fun during higher dip.. and remember those who played game overnight and slept in the class.. lolz. But still, last-minute-enterprise still worked.

Now, the closest we got are Daniel, Wendy and I. And we got to know some new friends - Zoe, Chew, Chao Learn, KingKO, Soon Feei, etc. Yoong and Min Yin are with us too. Then this time as there are few more jokers around, we really had a fun time laughing. And of course, we struggled alot for FYP.. All shared the worries and encouraged each other. Especially during MidPoint meeting, and FYP Final Presentation. We even got mental support haha. Nice moments. And I believe in the working world there wont be any pure hearts as what I'm having now. So... :) Cheerz. And be brave to the challenges outside.

Today is my daddy's birthday. Happy Birthday DAD. My aunt and family is here. SO her lil' baby girl Crystal is here... cute, lovely, spoiled baby. Hehe. Cant wait for her to grow up.
And as for my dad, I wish for you to be healthy always, happy, cheerful, charming as you always are. Love you. *hugz*


Anonymous said...

Selamat Hari Jadi Uncle cheah :) ada angpao ke ? nyek nyek nyek

Jae said...

lolz... got ang pow oso not for u hahahaa I want oso dun have ar!