Thursday, June 09, 2005

.: *RIP* Love Always -- Fishy :.

My dad found out that his MOST beloved goldfish died in the aquarium this morning (08.06.2005 morning). He told mom about it.. Both of them were sad and heartache. He's been with us for 1 year. He was so huge now....... and tamed.

My dad told me in the afternoon when we were heading to bank. "1 year already, Wei." He sounded sad. He sighed. I've never seen my dad felt that sad -- well he was totally sad when my grandma passed away 7 years ago. Nothing else had really got him into so low. I felt sad seeing my dad sad. And I know how much he loved his pet.

It happened to be he was killed by his own species - a young, untamed, naughty, new family. He was hurt. He was in pain that he couldnt eat. And my mom said he died because of few days didnt eat. She's regret that they didnt separate him and medicate him.

I helped my dad finding a good container ... I suggested to bury him in the garden but my dad was clear-headed, he said he may got rotten and the worms may damage the plants we have in the garden. So we found a plastic container and put him inside. I didnt see where my dad put him...... Well, dad said he's gotta buy a new one this weekend. He maybe sad, but he isn't discouraged. That's my dad --- always a brave, loving, warm-hearted and cheerful man.

I think I'll follow him to the petshop this weekend. :)

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