Monday, June 20, 2005

.: You'll miss my "Stepping" alryte~~~ :.

Out today for a movie with pals -- Wendy, Zoe, Daniel, YinChew, SoonFeei, KingKo...We watched Mr. and Mrs. Smith. I have to say it's WHOA!! WHOAAAAA!! WHOOOOAAAA!!!! I mean, despite the fact that you drool over Mr.Brad for his charms and sexuality( so appealing!!!), I drooled over Ms.Angelina for her beauty, provocative , lustious and sexy appeal too. She's just so stunning, ya know. I always like her.... a bit of evilish here and there.. NICE!

Anywayz we had fun watching the movie. Laughed alot. It was terribly cold though. I was freezing as I sat at the other end of the row, I could feel the wind was blowing right to my body. My fingers felt numb when it finally finished. And god knows how many times I shiver because of goose bumps. Whoa.. it was killing.

After that, planned to go sing Karaoke but they wanted to get home earlier to pack things for a trip to Redang tonight. Nice one. So okay we suggested to go another time, certainly it's after they're back from the trip. So to everyone who joins in the trip, have a great time there, enjoy the sun shine enjoy the crystal clear ocean. Breathe the air for me ya. haha! Becareful also. To Zoe babe I wish you'll get well soon. *Love yaz*

And oh.. erm.. Daniel always seems to be the one who's been bullied all the time. By whom? By ..... afew of us hahahahaha. But hey, not everyone has the chance oo and look at you, You ENJOY it! I know it got sour and painful at times, but WE DO LOVE YOU. You'll miss all our teasings. I can tell, as I will miss urs too. So, yeah keep the charm, stay cool, stay handsome. *wink*

I' continue my Kill Bill2. Kick ass!



haha, see told you jor its good. but sorry la i don't share your opinion on drooling over Mr.Pitt, but by all means pls go ahead.

Jae said...

It's okay if u dont drool over Brad Pitt hahahaha Absolutely normal. The movie was kinda dull in the beginning but luckily it started to go well from middle onwards.. Nice one.