Monday, March 21, 2005

.: This is the day :.

Today is the day I have to think is there anything else that I haven't do for my project. Because tomorrow is the submission day. I must admit that I'm darn a very clumsy person because I got some minor mistakes in my documentation that I overlooked but I already got them printed. Haha, but they are alright. I hope.

AT LAST!!!!!! Somehow I got lazy when the project period is so long. Like... I'll sometimes feel lazy and think, nah, I can still do it later/tomorrow. Then I'll get all so nervous and panic when find out something which is BIG and needed to be solved IMMEDIATELY! ( else I can't eat and sleep that night ) Though that thing can be solved a bit later, not such a urgent. I'm glad I started developing the system 3 months back. I still have time to debug and do coding for the parts which is not perfect when the due is like 3 days later. Of course my documentation is started about 2 weeks before the submission date. So I spend 1-2 days to finish 1 chapter of the entire report.

Overall I think I'd done it okay. I cant say perfect because I know there're flaws in the system. But that's all I can do with my ability. And before you can think of something else, hey, I know how to program into a Palm OS. Hahahaa, I can say that proudly. And, hey, I know how to make my Palm OS to coomunicate with my desktop.... hahaha though that's where the flaws are but.. Well I'd done my best so I have nothing to regret at all ( Mr.WIlliam Hung said that, it's very true indeed)

Other than that, maybe I dont know how to separate work and entertainment. I'd lost quite a lot of quality time I should have with family and friends. I'd lost touch with some fun/important happenings around the world. I even didnt know there's nice eating place around my area. I really need to do something about it.

Apart frm the final year project, I certainly need to do other subjects well in order me to score in the final year, as FYP is not the main thing to decide whether you'll get a first class or not( I seriously hope that ahahahah). It's been long since my last update. I always post pics as you all can see. I hope this pieace can tell you all how I am lately.... I feel extremely tired today. Maybe this is the after-tension-release-syndrome. Hehehehe.

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