Thursday, March 10, 2005

.: No Life :.

I think.... I have no life. Not that I am complaining everything that I own now while some people wish for but just couldnt get. I have good living environment that I can't complain any further. But just, I think I miss out something in life. I tend to forget about my surrounding when I'm too focus onto something. A very simple example is that, I cant remember what my mom asked me to do when I'm thinking of a solution of a logical problem in project, but I answered her "yeah.". And it happens many times that I forgot to do what she asked me to, so of course, kena marah-lah lolz.

What happens after I submit my final year project? My entire life focus is in the project now, though I know there are 2 more projects awaiting in line. I guess I gotta balance back my life after I submit it. Know what? I have 2 boxes of puzzles that I'd left abandon, and I think I'm gonna complete them after I submit the project. I know I'm losing patience in everything I do and the people I meet. I need that back. I dont wanna be mean or cruel or..... cold. And I think I missed out the time I could spend with my parents. Lately I notice that my dad and mom are looking .... older and tired. My brother , well he's losing his patience from working pressure. And I think he's gonna learn to handle that after seeing the change in me(I hope). Besides, I think I'm losing something fun around my circle of friends.

Gotta do something about it. Wish me luck *blink*

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