Monday, March 28, 2005

.: Life after FYP :.

It's kinda relax...I'm getting lazier already although there are still 3 projects awaiting. I wonder if I can do them well.. all about business and there's one about network design. And I found that it's quite boring lately... Oh ya, I finally have some time to sit down quietly and watch TV without thinking the head-hammering problems which I need to solve regarding of my FYP. A very nice feeling haha.

It's time too for me to earn some money. I've contacted my ex-colleague and got to have some part time job. Not bad, at least can earn some extra pocket money to buy things, and to save for a trip after finishing the course.

Life is still the same, games that I play, people that I know, things around me. I'm getting tired very easily lately I wonder why.. Is this sign of aging? hahahahah I seriously hope not. I know I need a proper rest else I'll really look terrible. Other than this, I can have some fun playing game that I've hooked up to a long time ago. Get to know more people, also get to settle some communication problems, attitude problems etc. And guess what, I have topics to chat with my brother and we discuss things/problems about the people we know in the game too. It's not bad as long as we have something in common. At least I still know my brother's thinking and the way he solves troubles is still a correct one. I just give him some wise thoughts from time to time.

And I got to spend some time with family too. Chat with them -- which I've seldom done it for the past 5 months, at least. It feels nice, really nice.

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