Sunday, September 12, 2004

Hello, my blog

"Jae, come, make yourself a blog too!"
"Nah... It looks fun, but I dont think I have time to maintain it?"


And here I am, typing away on my computer chair writing my own blog. Yupz I am new. Yupz I've not been having anything like this. It's been a long time since I last wrote anything. I wonder if I can do this well? tee hee. Anywayz, welcome to my blog.

Maybe I started with something brief about myself? I'm a student and currently a 3rd year student of APIIT studying Computing. Juz got over 3 projects and now I am a lil's bit more free to do something for myself. I think doing this is something nice. I have a few friends whose blogs are awesome -- well at least theirs are up-to-date ! Erm... I like hanging out with friends, crapping, cracking (jokes), movies & music never bore me ( depend on the quality of course), shop till I drop once in a blue moon and heck it feels SO nice ( juz did it lately) !! Simple phylosophy of life of mine --- "Life is beautiful, so live to the fullest" and "Work hard, Play hard". Been trying to hold up to that for as long as I'm still breathing. *wink*

For the fellas, support my blog a bit eh? lolz... and to new friends, nice meeting you and you're free to post any comments. Ciaoz for now.


Anonymous said...

hm hmm .. the dialog so familiar babe :P


tiramiswu said...

hie, nice to see u here...

so everyone's blogging huh...? keep it up~


elljay said...

oouuuhhh...heheh..hello jae!! nice knowing you have a blog too..hmm..hmm...but something is wondering in my mind..kakaka..good job girl..keep it up!! *wink*