Wednesday, September 22, 2004

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Writing this in a sleepy mood. Dont know why, feeling kinda tired today. There is a good news of the semester this morning -- my OT project gets a "A". And each member got "A" grade too. Congratz Frankie, Tommy, Kek Voon and Kar Wai. Good job everyone ! Let's study hard for the coming OT exam so we can score a distinction ! Lolz. *yeah dreaming*
Went back home after the first class coz found that I might waste time staying at the college until the next class which is gonna be 3.30pm. Took my lunch at home. And I fell asleep on the table while listening to "Careless Whispers". It felt so nice to put your head onto your arms and just indulge into the song. The song brings you out from the reality.... Very nice. And Welcome Back to the world when it ended.
Then, dragged myself to attend the last class of the day. Boring as usual, but got a good laugh when Daniel and Chao Learn were challenging the origin of Hokkien. Chao Learn kept on saying he is the ORIGINAL Hokkien'ese and Daniel's is a "pirated product" lolz. And so they gave each other weird vocabs that are gonna crack each other's head to pronounce in Hokkien, such as lizard, lighting, giraffe etc. Hahaha! Well, anyone who's Hokkien'ese out there, wanna play this with Daniel sometimes? But you must be the ORIGIN Hokkien'ese !!! lolz !!!
And, ta-da~~ it was 5.00pm, time to go home. Dropped Daniel near to my house, as usual, and slowly drove back home. Took shower and chatted with a few friends. Played Bejeweled for a VERY LONG TIME coz i wanna break record to have 30k of score ! PIF ! But still, couldnt make it. lolz.
How's everyone's Wednesday? Time really flies, it's already the mid of the week. Tml gonna have intensive study schedule ! Good luck everyone !!

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haha Domo Arigato Gozaimas Joo San !!

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hmm hmm .. dont git git gat gat here huh !!