Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Tell the ppl you love that you love them

She left without saying goodbye.
I nvr get to ask "aunty, u feel better lately?"
She was a very optimistic person. She always laughs, though life nvr seems to be any easier day by day for her. Everytime my mom calls her, she still speaks with a smile in her tone "dai sou, I'm ok, feel better, can eat, can sleep." And then we know she wont get to stand long when she finally told my mom "dai sou, I'm not fine...." in the last call my mom made. My heart ached everytime I heard that her condition went worse; and I'd say to myself "yes, keep fighting aunty" when I hear that she got better..... but I never show it, you know what I mean... bring into action..
I thought i wouldn't shed a tear because our relationship isn't so close, though I know she loves me and my bro dearly. When I looked at her picture, my heart ached so much and I whispered to her, so hoped that she could still hear me "aunty, I"m sorry I didnt spend time to care about you. And now it is too late".
I am regret.
Life is fragile; and it is very short indeed. We will never get to see what happens next which will change the rest of our life, or the rest of the lives of the ppl around us. Everytime you hear ppl saying "cherish the ppl around you, you wouldn't know when you will lose them" It bang me on the head real hard juz now.
Aunty, I'll miss you.
The presentations today were fine. We didnt get to be "bombed" real bad by both the lecturers. They were satisfied and SO WERE WE. Bravo to all the group members: HCI - Dan, Wendy,Ted, Leela and Ahmed ; OT - Frankie, Tommy, Kar Wai and Kek Voon. Nice working with you all and Good Luck in the coming exam and FYP.

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Anonymous said...

peace will be with your aunty ...


elljay said...

good job on the project my dear sis.

understand how u feel..been throught this and it isn't gonna be any easy to see your loved ones leave.Take this as a lesson to be learn and cherish the ppl around you.neva fail to tell them how much you love and care for them...as am keep learning..take care *hugs*

Jae said...

Thanks Dan and Jenn. Yeah.... gotta do that... :)

Anonymous said...

Look who stumbled upon yr blog.. it's [Pam]ME! :)

My sincere condolence dear..

Anyway keep up the good work in college. GBU!


Jae said...

Pam dear, thanks for stoppimg by lolz.. miss ya a lot eh ~ and thanks, will do fine *wink*

Anonymous said...

Ted: All the best now in FYP and do well in coming Exam. :)

Anonymous said...

TZR: oh dear, sorry..now only i have some time to stroll around to read blogs..i'm really sorry to hear that..
well, u take good care alright? dont think too much.. :) my condolences..GOD loves optimistic ppl :)

Jae said...

Thanks TZR, thanks to y'all... ^^ I'm very very gratetful.. You guys made me wanna cry lar .. "hou gam dung"