Monday, November 28, 2005

.: Convo day :.

This Sunday is my convo day... At last.. weird that I dont feel so much excited about it but my parents. They have been asking about it since 2 months back. Heheh but it is understood as I'm the first child that go to the convo. Lots of friends that I've not been seeing since the last paper, I'll see you on the day!

Other than that, nothing really much happening except.... work, work and work. I'm not crazy at work dont worry I reach on time and leave on time as my job doesn't require any OT (sometimes, very rare) . But the working time has taken most of the time of the day off me. I only have 1-2 hours to relax and do things I like at night before I go to bed. But well, it's alright. I have extra 1 hour to hang out in the morning to help out chores or do something like this, writing blog. Hehehe. Everything is quite good, not much of complaints. Learning the trick of working and seeing the truth of society everyday. Study world is always a protected space, you know. Working is kinda confusing sometimes because you're hoping for some place better , or to move up, or to move away only because you wanna see the number doubled in your account. We are chasing for something better everyday. But do stay on the ground and be glad that you breathe every single day because there are alot of people who beg for living but not granted. :)
Argh.... long winded :) So I hope you all have a great day today. I miss you all.

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