Wednesday, September 21, 2005

.: No Update :.

No update lately.. nothing much to write also except I got a holiday on 19th Sept and I took leave on Tue and today... That means I got a very long weekend hahahaah! Begin to feel lazy! Tomorrow resume working .... But I've got a nice working hour so .. Yeah I can still sleep till 9.30am ahahaha!

Fixed my cousin sis's PC this morning. They claimed that everything is gone but somehow I think it's just that they simply clicked everywhere and lost the shortcuts on the desktop, so they said " Jie... my computer seems to lose everything I want". ANYWAY.... FORMAT LA!!!! And now it's nicely done. I even save many MP3s for them, just copy and paste from CD...

Oh yeah I bought a jeans at PDI.. I bought a 'M' but it feels loose once I wear it for a whole day! I didnt know it is stretchable but ..... this "stretchable"?!?!?! Anywayz I dun think I'll feel comfortable in 'S' so just be it. So.... new belt coming! Hahhahahahaa!

Watched "The Land Of Dead" last Sunday. Not quite a worthy movie to be watched in cinema but there wasn't anything better. I'm anticipating Narnia and Harry Potter 4! Cant wait for December!!!!!

How did you spend your Autumn Festival? I spent it with someone special. Hehe.. And too bad the night was cloudy else I could have seen a very BRIGHT and ROUND ROUND moon!! Wasted... bumper!

Okie, friend's been complaining that I havent update this for a long time. So HERE IT IS ! NAH!!!!! And I'm done! Ciaoz~~!!


Wimal said...

wahh...the jeans is made from rubber ah? hehe.

Syoklah u spend with someone special? hehe. sounding sooo cheekylah u.

Anonymous said...

someone special .. nyek nyek nyek ..

hhaha who is it ?

Jae said...

Hahahaa.. dun tell u guys first ... BLEK!