Thursday, September 29, 2005

.: Hu hu hu... Sick :.

As title.......... Weather not good ah... everyone pls remember to drink LOTSA water, sleep early, dont eat too much of spicy stuffs.... ( that's what I didnt do so.. sick now). In the progress of recovering though. hehehhee =)

I cant fall sick!! Not on this Saturday!! I spent to make it up for this Saturday!!! It's my company annual dinner event. The theme of the night is Masquerade - yeah right, bet you can recall any scene from The Phantom Of The Opera. "Masquerade~~~ Paper faces on parade... masquerade... Hide your face so the world can never find you.." La la la ... LOVE this movie!!! I think the night will be grand... Hmm...... Will try to snap a pic of my mask and show it to you all here. Hehhehehe Bought it from I Need shop in Mid Valley ( chicky name, you know what shop is that hahaha ) I cant find it anywhere else ! Maybe I didnt go search hard enough. Anywayz, got what I want, new dress, new stilleto, new choker, mask........ All set!! So, you understand? hahah cant fall sick!!

Okie ! gotta go work. C ya all ciaoz~~


Joo said...

sounds great ^^ abt the coming annual dinner....but, take care oo..drink lots of water../no1

Jae said...

Thanks thanks. You too. Bad weather nowadays... See now it's raining at my place... SLEEP TIME!!!