Tuesday, December 28, 2004

.: Merry merry Christmas, Lonely lonely Christmas? :.

This song has been in my head on the day of Christmas eve. It's by Eason Chan, right?
I spent the eve with family. We will celebrate Christmas eve together every year. Been telling them to spare the night for dining out. So they did. We went to Mid Valley, was thinking to dine at the Chillies, but when we reached there, we gotta wait for an hour coz the queue was just too long. Never mind, thought of trying something new, so we went to San Francisco Steak House. The surrounding is really not bad. We couldn't escape from the queue, though. Even if you had reserved table, you still gotta wait for your turn. I was kinda syiok looking at those couples who thought they own the world with reservation name, pif, Queue please mister. The food is fine, the environment is nice. We enjoyed it together.
And I spent my eve alone at home, sitting at my desk, working on the translation jobs that I got (so to earn couple extra bucks) while listening to my favourite music. Didnt feel bad or whatsoever, I prefer a silent night for the eve, and to the count down. I sent out wishes to friends, and I got the most valuable one at 12midnight sharp. And know what, from the party pack, I decorate my doggie doll with a raindeer hairband and party mask, and I put on Santa hat myself. Haha trying to have some feel of Christmas (though we are not Christians). Maybe when I'm affordable next time, I will buy a Christmas Tree and decorate it for Christmas. Hehe. Whoever that went out to rave the night, had fun? Hehe Bet you all did. *smile*
And on Christmas, nothing's really special, except I had a good game playing RO in the evening. It's War Of Emperium and seemed like everyone didnt really celebrate Christmas(no life?!?! lolz), a lot of guild members were online and so we went for the war. Nice game! Had a fun time. Hopefully there's more fun coming in!
New year is coming !! Time flies eh... so fast it's 2005 soon(getting' a year elder, again! >.<"") I wish everyone a Happy 2005, may you fulfill all your new year resolution, and hope next year is a good year! CHEERS!!


Joo said...

HeeHee...wish you have a wonderful, happy, fulfill year 2005~~! ^^V (stay Pretty always babe ^*^

Jae said...

Thanks! same to you!!

Anonymous said...

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