Wednesday, December 01, 2004

.: That's it?? :.

So... so much of crying like a child about my midpoint, it's officially ended at 10.30am today. 30 minutes of presentation to determine the marks I deserve out of 20marks. Fair?? Guess what, I still couldn't get to meet with my assesor. He is on MC today. Replacing him is a Malay lady ( a lecturer too ) .. er.. I forgot to look at her tag so I have no idea who she is. But she seems nice and friendly. She gave me comments --- I think they concluded to be that my academic research is not strong enough.. Hmm... more hard work need to be done from now on.
Not feeling very satisfied but ... well let's face the truth, I did it in the past 5 days. If I can pass it I should be thankful. Not to say I only started to do my work in the 5 days I had, just I didnt have enough before this, so well the continuos hard work of 5 days, cant really get you far I guess. Fair enough. Congratz to Zoe, KingKo and myself, we passed it. Now, all the best to Wendy, Daniel, Ted, YinChew, SoonFeei, Christene, ChaoLearn, Yoong, and Shivani.
Feeling sleepy.. and .... a bit relief. The nerv I had was still with me eventhough I walked out from Presentation Room just now. So we went for breakfast in cafeteria with Zoe and KingKo, chatted a little bit, and then Zoe and I took off. She didnt sleep for the night before and she's gonna skip the class today. Me, went back home to do the housechores as mom's not in... and now... hmm... Empty headed.
"The greatest thing you'll ever learn is just to love and be loved in return." -- Mouline Rouge
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elljay said...

Finally is over =)

Jae said...

Midpoint is over but not FYP... gggrrrr...