Monday, December 13, 2004

.: Two souls and one thought, two hearts and one pulse. The sweetest joy, the wildest woe is love :.

I quoted the words from the wedding invitation card. Sweet isn't it ? Congratulations to the newly weds - Jennifer and Sheon. 12 Dec 2004 is their wedding day. I'm honored to be selected to be the bride's "ji mui", so I went over to the bride's house to help out yesterday morning. The good time was set it in a way that they have to reach to the groom's house before 9am, so the groom and his brothers came to the bride's house at 7.30am. Early eh? So you got an idea what time I gotta wake up. You bet, 6++am ! And I didnt take anything when I was there although Jenn's mom prepared some breakfast for us.
Of course the groom and brothers couldn't enter the house and get the bride so easily. They were tricked. We as sisters had actually planned games to trick the guys, however, sadly to say, the active ones were just a few, I had no idea why some could give ideas and made themselves seem so sporting and active but at the end of the day, they just sat there looking as if this is none of their business. I played, but the guys were too many and their voice were much bigger than us! So, well, didnt play much. Jenn was looking fabulous in her white gown. So elegant. And Sheon, wahaha yeah he was handsome in his suit. So they got up the car after tea & angpow session. I followed an ex-colleague's car to the groom's house in Sentul. We arrived there before 9am, so.. cool, we didnt miss the good time.
So it's groom's family side for the tea & angpow session now. It was my first time visiting their new house. It's cozy, very comfortable and windy, at 7th-floor condo unit. After all that, there was a catered brunch for us at 10++am so okay.. my first bites of the day. Then, chit-chatted with the ex-colleagues about their speech on the wedding dinner and I went home with my mom after that. We arrived home around 12 noon and I just couldn't stand anymore, I dived into my bed and just slept for 3 hours straight down. Haha!
Okay, after a sleep I tried to get some bites and hung out for a while before I prepared again for the wedding dinner. So showered, dressed up, made up and there I was ready for the night. My friend Koh Sing came to pick me up around 6.30pm and we headed to Pearl Point ballroom. Was given task for guests registration and angpow collection. So we didnt get to sit down at the table until at least 90% of the guests arrived. The dinner started around 8.15pm. There was a simple ceremony before the dinner began. First, there were 4 flower girls and boys walking to the stage on the isle. They were just so cute and lovely. The bride's maids were right behind them. Beautiful ladies! Then we could see the bride was accompanied by her father, walking to the stage while the groom and bestman were waiting on the stage. She was passed to the groom by her father. Touching scene and it got more touching when all these were accompanied with romantic music. The coupld exchanged vows after that, and the dinner began. Koh Sing and I had to leave the table after the first dish to count the angpow money. So we didnt get to eat much.
The dinner was empty if there wasn't any game for the couple. Haha so the colleagues suggested that we all do a toast ( the ever famous "yum seng" session) and requested the couple to French Kiss when it starts "yum" and only stop when we shouted "seng"! What do you think, of course it was the longest "yum" ever ! Mic was passed from 1 to another to continue the "yum". hahaha! It was pretty fun. The couple were sporting.
Okay, the dinner ended around 10 ++? or 11 ++? I couldn't remember. I took lots of pics with my ex-colleagues and was happy to see them again. Koh Sing sent me home after that. So well, since my eating schedule was all messed up yesterday so I had gastric when I took my first sip of Coke last night after I went back to the table after angpow counting. It already happened so no matter what I took later, it only added on to the pain. But I did eat. I just slept after I went home coz was tired, didnt care much about the pain.
A long entry, yup. Hope didnt make your eyes pain hahaha ! I'm better today. A new week again, have a nice week guys, n gals. *smile*
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