Friday, December 03, 2004

.: Just another day :.

Yesterday went to karaoke with Zoe, Wendy and Wendy's friend, Chai Yun. Four of us sang our lungs out for 3 hours... Felt not enough eventhough voice was a bit sore. Haha. Anywayz it was great, been locked in the working room for so long and couldn't vent any frustration and pressure, yesterday was the time.
After that as the HDD of my old baby is condemn I need to get a new HDD for her. So, went over LowYat to buy a new 80GB HDD. Went home happily and installed it after shower. Well, only then I found out she wasn't merely have long term memory sickness; her "brain system" is damaged as well ( suspect is Motherboard died). *man.....!* And I was lucky enough to have a friend to guide me even only on MSN, of how to test everything and tell him what was the findings. He was really helpful. Thousand apologies to Daniel coz I kept asking him questions and telling him my frustration and making him feel bad coz I know he was having a hard time to try to comfort me !!! *lolz* But thanks for the song, babe.
Okay.. well, gotta take that for a repair. And I REALLY need a haircut. So, today's just gonna be another day... Oh yeah, there is some homework I need to do. Ciaoz guys n' girls.
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elljay said...

Congrats on the result! *huggie*
good results why still feel a lil bit down??