Tuesday, December 07, 2004

.: I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas :.

I love Christmas since small, though I'm not a Christian.
Santa Claus (main point for then), Christmas Tree (lots of presents underneath the tree--2nd top reason wahahahha), cookies (Ginger-man is CUTE!!), songs (It just gives you the feel of .... Christmas *stupid*), and .... kiss underneath the mistletoe... (hmm.. romantic)
I still remember my parents used to pretend to be Santa Claus... NO JOKE! I got a brand new Barbie doll as my Xmas present when I was small. They even told my bro and I to hang pillow case ( no HUGE and RED socks , that's why.. and PILLOW CASE is BIG ENOUGH. *haha!*) at our bed. We were even looking out to the window to see if we could see Santa flying by on his sleigh and deers and wondering, how could Santa come in while we had fenced our window and we didn't even have a chimney!!! And what do you know, in the next morning, whualah~~ presents in the pillow case. And there goes we hopped and yelled and broke into my parent's room, jumping on their bed telling them "There is Santa Claus!!! There is Santa Claus ! See what I've got? How did he know I like Barbie?? How did he come in?!" And my folks were just smiling. ( These 2 kids are just too easy to cheat...... )
I think that's something nice, don't you think? A little bit of something to make your kids happy all day, of course you can't stop them from telling their friends what did Santa give them. And all the "oooooo!!! aaaaaa!!!" yeah , yeah... Maybe next time I'll do the same to my kids too. And there goes the song "I saw mummy kissing Santa Claus" ... *lolz*
What you wish for Christmas? I always love to spend it with family and love one. Well it could be a wild crazy night out with friends on Christmas Eve.. but always, I will call and wish my folks Merry Christmas when it's 12 midnight. If it's not with friends, it'd be a warm dinner with my family and I would buy them little Christmas gifts, and listen to Christmas songs at home till I'm ready for bed. Nice. Cozy. And then......... ready for the new year celebration. Hehe.
If you love someone, use this chance, tell or show them how much you love them. Make it special. Make it worth a life time to remember.


Anonymous said...

Now you are really making me homesick.. :(


Jae said...

Haha didnt intend to! But yeah, u'll be back sooN!!