Thursday, December 09, 2004

.: Preparation for a Confession? :.

Seeing my pal, Derrick wrote a summary of year 2004 made me have a feeling of making one too, well, will take time to make one before 2005. Glad to read his entry. It's true Derrick, you lose something and you gain something, this logic never changes. And when we grow, there are things we need to sacrifice for its loss, compromise for its balance or work harder to get the fruit. I'm glad you experienced things and you learned from them. ;) Way to go, buddy! And of course, though I might not be the best person for you to talk to sometimes, I'm always here if you wanna talk anything with me. Hehe.
And well, talking about things that is unforgettable before 2005, I bit my tongue 2 days back, it bleeded, it hurt like ....... I couldnt even scream the pain out and it's still a bit pain now! *pif*! But soon it'll be alright hehe.


Anonymous said...

TZR: hoho thank you :) but it's not detailed enough..too lazy la just say things generally is enough gua :P let's see what u wanna confess hehe

Jae said...

hehehe, dunno leh