Sunday, December 19, 2004

.: Confession :.

Alright, promise will write a confession so here I begin. ( I hope I can be honest for all the things I said lolz)

~**My Love... that faded**~
Started from the beginning when I saved and saved money for a trip to Australia. It was my first oversea trip that I went myself. Excited, anxious, happy(coz I got to see the one I missed for months).. and I love the new experiences I had while staying there for a month. Sydney, a beautiful city and the places I'd been to -- natural beauty. Something is gained something is lost. I lost the love I had when I'm back. Maybe I dont love him enough. Maybe I'd changed. Distance relationship is never easy, but maybe like I said, I dont love him enough. So I cant bare with the difficulties. I have a very bad habit --- wouldn't say it's bad or good, maybe in different context, it's bad, but it's also good that I can do it: I'm very good in letting something's gone, be gone. I'm sorry for the hurts I've created for him. I wish he'll have a happier life and lately I heard that he's been doing good in both study and business. All the best to him.

~**My Friends... that hooked with cable wire**~
Been clinged myself to an online game since March. ( wow, so it's been 9 months I've been playing it ). I got to know friends who are funny, friendly, and we even become real life friends. I'm glad I can have friends like them. Dont underestimate their knowledge in the game, I got lots to learn from them. Haha. Why I love the game so much? It's just a game anyway. Well, it's online, so there are many players. Players play their characters in the game, directly reflecting their own attitude and characteristics. This is what I learn. There are scammers, not only scamming uber items or zenies(money in the game), but also maybe scamming hearts in the game. But, I'm glad the friends I know are all truthful, genuine, and worth to be called friends. And friends who are in Brunei, wow God knows if not because of the game would I ever know anyone from Brunei? The chance is thin, yeap. I'm lucky enough to know them, and may our friendship continues to blossom.

~**My Friends ... that are surrounding me**~
What can I say about the friends I have. Always I think I'm lucky. I dont have MANY friends but the ones I have, they love me. I try my best not to disappoint any friends, but if I did and I wasn't been told, I'm sincerely sorry, please forgive me. I wouldn't want to hurt you, but if I did, I didn't mean it. I'd talked craps, I'd shown faces, I'd shown temper, I'm glad you all are still there when I need y'all. I very wish to withhold you all until I breathe my last breath. To all my friends, Thank you for the friendship. I'll cherish them. And hope you all are happy to know me. *hugz*
~**My study ... my responsiblity**~
Next year is my last year of studying. Soon I'll be graduating with a degree. I must confess that I'm a lazy bone. I know what I should do, and I know I can do better if I'm more hardworking. I guess the new year wish should enclose with this -- hardworking. This year so far, I've been doing okay in studies. Scored with a satisfying result, made my parents proud. The feeling is great. Always have the bad habit of studying in the last minute. Should have changed this attitude. *hehe, say is always the easiest*
~**My Life ... should I hope for a better one?**~
Life is a treasure -- be alive when you ARE alive. My headshot. Been saying Life is Beautiful, so live to the fullest. I'm doing my very best for that. Treasure everyday, but it seems like I take everyday for granted. I'm lucky enough to have what I have now. I should be grateful. I have what I love, I am at where I'm most protected. There is really nothing more to complain. I should plan my future, though. Right now it's all plain. I don't know where to head to. After finish studying, it's time to really learn what life is, I guess. Responsibilities come. And pressure comes with responsibilities. Running away or avoiding it will do nothing better I think. So face it, bold to carry it, and resolve it, and I'll have more to complain at that time, haha!
wait a minute, am I doing confession for all this while? Er.. please tell me if this ain't a piece of confession. I just write what's on my mind. And now I don't know how to close it with a good ending. *stupid!* I guess .... just say bye?

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