Saturday, January 01, 2005

.: Another long, cold night :.

Listening to "Shou Le Dian Shang", by Ah Sang. To those who wants to know about it, I posted it last week, just go to Archive or scroll down, you may see what the song's about. A special one introduced this song to me. For the first time I heard it, I was touched by its lyrics.... I'm amazed that it can actually make me cry over it. Just because the lyrics is too sad. And I started to wonder why a person like him would listen to this type of song....
Done a small part of coding .... lazy to on the ORACLE service now so I guess the testing I'll leave it for tomorrow. My progress on FYP is okay. I'm trying to speed it up. Although there are consequences like I'll be very tired and might fall sick, in fact I am sick now... Got a serious throat infection that for every saliva I swallow it hurt like a knife cutting through my throat. I couldnt stand the pain anymore thus I seeked for doctor's help. I'm getting better, the medicines work quite well. I'll try not to do last-minute work, though I feel I'm lagging now. So gotta work double, maybe triple sometimes. I might have to sacrifice some fun time during CNY. Well it's only for a year... if I can spare more time for the project I can really enjoy every minute after I submit it.
Suddenly feel abit lonely ... but well I got enough things for me to worry.. Why bother the loneliness eh?
Current mood: bored
Current music: "So Much For My Happy Ending" -- Avril Lavigne

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