Thursday, January 06, 2005

.: It feels nice to develop something that works :.

It's been sometime since I last wrote anything. Been busy with my own stuffs since few days back. I fell, it felt lousy, panic, nervous, heavy .. so I took a piece of paper and a marker pen and I wrote for myself: "Jia u! (boat will be straight when comes to the bridge)!! gam ba de!!". And I sticked the paper on the wall right infront of me. My mom laughs at me, my bro said I'm crazy. But this own-consolation does work. I am self-encouraging. So I'm standing up again. I got an expert to guide me for doing my FYP and I really thank him thounsand times. And I thank the friend who introduced me this helper.
I start doing the parts which I'm good at. And so far they are progressing and I feel good about it. Although the consequences are I'm maybe falling sick now coz I'm feeling uncomfortable, it feels superb to see it running without errors. Guess I should go to bed early tonight for tomorrow's workload.
To my friends, thank you for your support. I will do my best, at least to the extend that I have no regret. *hehe* Gam ba de !!


Joo said...

LOLz......Lai....joojoo give u power of ***LOVE***....Jia Yu Babe~~! heehee Anjo...tai nei seik mei....wakakakaka.......
Gambatte yo~! ^^V

Jae said...

lolz !! Thanks Joo !!! He sure "sei" lor .. hahaha thanks for your support Joo *wink*