Tuesday, January 04, 2005

.: The 1st joke I made in Year 2005 :.

Hmm.. so it happened when Daniel, Wendy and I were talking in the class. Daniel went back to hometown during holiday so he was telling us about the jokes he and his friends made back there. So he was talking about Clayton, who mistaken Tiger as the representative animal for Leo (as you all know, Leo is lion) when he was asked what's his horoscope. Here's the conversation:
Daniel: "Ey you know got once we asked about Clayton what's his horoscope, his horoscope is Leo but he said "Tiger" instead of Lion. Then me and Louise so blur and we laughed. Louise said "I'm the goat on the hill", and I said "I'm the fair goat in the household". "
Wendy & Jae: "hahahahahah, tiger...."
Daniel: "Yeah..silly"
Jae: "Hahaha then I'm the monkey on the tree"
Wendy & Daniel stunned for a while, looked at me one of a kind...
Jae: "what? Monkey is on the tree mah~~~" and I looked back at them wondering what's wrong..After a few secs...
Wendy:"Jae, we're talking about the horoscope here, what's up with the monkey?"
Jae: "OOPS!!!"
And there both of them laughed at me hysterically, I laughed at my blur-ness. What? Hey he was talking about TIGER and GOAT and they are 2 of the 12 lunar animals, what's wrong if I say MONKEY! Can't believe I fell for that. grrrr... LOLZ. I laughed till I cried. I really think if I dont have Wendy and Daniel, my APIIT life would be EXTREMELY boring. I hope they feel the same about me? *hahaha!* Yeah ... But I dont know why I'll always be the one (almost everytime) that creates jokes. Well, a good start for the year, I think. :)
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