Monday, January 31, 2005

.: Time for CNY cleaning!!! :.

Woosh~~~ Finally, assignments, test ... ALL OVER! *yippie* It's time for cleaning my room and CNY shopping heheheheheh SO happy! It's been long since my last shopping. Feel so excited about it. I just settled down from the 1st round of cleaning my room. I told myself today after class I must at least wipe off some of the dirt of my room, and so I did ! I not only wiped off the dirt, I cleaned the edge of the wall, I wiped whatever frames I got in my room, I cleaned up my magneted dolls which are so adorable to look at..... and gobble gobble gobble... Tomorrow I'm gonna tidy up my closet which is now a horrible, ugly, terrible mess !! Hehehe! And then.... nyek nyek nyek, shopping time!!! New tops, new pants, new skirt, new shoes/sandals wakakakakaka shop till I drop!

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