Saturday, January 15, 2005

.: Hope it's not too late :.

Been working on my FYP since 2 weeks back. I would say the progress is so far so good. At least the desktop application is almost done. And what's left is the mobile application. I hate to start work but once I decided to really start working, it feels really nice to see there's result of my effort. I think I've over my scope, though. Well hell ya as long as it works nicely. Now what I'm worried about is the data communication between mobile device and desktop. Before this I'm also worried about how to write program in PDA but I'd solved this problem yesterday, with the help of my "si fu". Now I can write a simple interface for my mobile application. As there are many limitations in writing mobile application so the interface will be fairly simple. I guess next time I can write simple application and install it into my PDA. wahahaha! My own program!!! LOLz.
Working on my own project has caused me to lose grab on the other project... my friend is doing the work and I could hardly help coz I can't catch up with the coding now. Feel really sorry about that. But I'll do my best in documentation, hope I could make a bit of contribution...
Chinese New Year is coming.. "ang pow" time ... haha! I guess I can't enjoy to the fullest in this year's CNY coz I'm gonna worry about my FYP anyway.. >.<"! Nevertheless, I wish all to have a prosperous time during CNY, win "manyak-manyak" oh~~~ hehehee...
OH .. later I'll be going to Mid Valley for the RO Carnival and meet my brother there. See what's there to offer. I think there're gonna be lots of dolls... and maybe cheap reload cards. (hope so.. hehe). Guess I deserve a bit of getaway after all the hard work..(so sad... to shopping mall is a getaway??!?!?!) Have a nice weekend everyone. :)

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