Monday, September 27, 2004

.: Weird Dream :.

I had a "day"mare when I took a nap this afternoon. I could remember that Daniel was in there too. We were studying in the class . And all the students have a PC at their place except us. I don't know why we don't. Then, the weather changed out of a suddent. Wind began to blow, sky became darker, and there were flashes of lighting and thunder. My skin creeped. And suddenly the girl in front of me who slept in the class with her head on her arms, her arm was on fire. "poof!!!" , just like that. I pushed Daniel a bit and he realized that the girl's arm was on fire. Her friend who sat beside her saw that too and she screamed. The girl woke up and looked at her arm, maybe because she wasn't totally awake so she was like not realizing that she was burning. We stood up and I used my bottle of water to put out the fire. She got frightened finally and hugged her friend, sobbing. (weird).
And then, Daniel and I decided to walk out from the class, we were like needed to do something. He told me that he needed to find a friend who stayed nearby and passed something to him. So I went with him. When we reached to his friend's place, I found that the place was dark, windy and ..... my skin crawled again. ( I could really feel the freakiness though I was sleeping). He knocked on his friend's door and he went in, telling me to wait outside. They closed the door. My surrouding got even darker now. And I just felt something was not right. I dared not to look to the right nor to the left, praying hard that he would come out soon. And I sensed there was a flash of light on my right.. I struggled for quite a long time to decide whether to look to the right or not. When I finally wanted to do it and I turned my head............ I woke up. My heart was feeling uneasy. Maybe I didnt want to see what I'd see, so I woke up? I dont know.... Kinda freaky.. I am not good in describing/telling story so I dont know how you guys feel while reading this. But it was kinda scary, and of course, having a dream like that I didnt really get to rest my mind. So, was kinda blur when I woke up.
Watched Malaysian Idol on Sunday. Andrew was voted out in the result show. He left Vic to compete with Dina and Jac?!?!?! Not that I am mean but I think Vic would be beaten down. Both girls are just too strong. I would very much like to see Dina with her album coming out in the future. She can be "structured" to be a star. She got the voice and what she needs is experience and a make over, *wink* Way to go, DINA! And Jac, she is abosolutely amazing when she sings. Really. She has experience and the competition is too easy for her, I think. It is not surprise to finally know that she won. Good luck girls ~~~
Right, gotta stop torturing your eyes. :lolz: My buddy, Derrick's ( aka TZR) birthday is coming up -- 29th Sept. May all your wishes come true and keep your charming side continue to glow *wink*. Enjoy the new year ahead! Ciaoz for now fellas :wacko:
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Anonymous said...

ish ... u know why we dont have a pC ? cos we got laptop :) wuahaha ...nearest place ? my friend ? Chew ? haha .. about the lighting ... is it the arguement between me and chaolearn ? hahah how to say lighting in hokkien ? ... babe .. relax babe :) i was like a wet chicken just now ... too heavy rain !!


Anonymous said...

Weird things every once in a while..
No worries! hehe

Anonymous said...

TZR: no..i think jae is beating around the bush to tell daniel that it's always been a nightmare when she's together with him..hahahahaah :P

and thank you for the bday wish! u're the first! yet the most unpunctual wan hahaha thank you thank you

Anonymous said...

Ted: Weird dreams... Coolz

elljay said...

aiks..weird dream..who's that girl??

Jae said...

i dont know, mui.. A Malay girl
TZR: wah wish you odi you said yet the unpunctual one. No next time lar.. heart broken !