Thursday, June 16, 2005


Another tag..... grrriirrr.. and this time is even more fun (ya ryte~). I got tagged by two friends : Dan and Eugene

OK here it goes:

1. The last blog I read was: Joo's "Don't Worry Be Happy"

2. I think my blog is way better than the blog above because: ...... I dont think so. Hmm if wanna compare.... OK my blog is more to my life e.g. what's up with my life right now, for everyone who's close or not close with me i.e. those in oversea studying and working and those who havent seen me for quite a long time. My blog is to keep them aware and know what's happening in my life right now.

3. In my honest opinion the best entry I have every blogged is: .: Sh*t Luck Go Away :. hahahha because look at my comments!!! It hits over 30 a night!! Hahahaa. And well I've got flames sparking around on that night and I can see the biggest flamers were having much fun -- I think it did help release some real life pressure there. Just scold whoever you dont really know. And the scolding and insults went "cheaper" and "cheaper". LOLZ.

4. 5 Blogs I read that may be better than mine:
Daniel -- Loaded with funny stuffs and pics. Nice layout. Compact.
Jetyr -- Simple, straight forward, nice.
Wimal -- Funny, fun to read.
Jenny (my mui mui) -- Always a heart-touched whenever I read her blog. Real.

5. I know my readers are addicted to my blog because: I dont ACTUALLY think so coz I dont update it quite often.And... I'm not funny enough...I'm not bitchy enough .. I'm not opened enough to quite alot of things. Because.... maybe I still think this is a public place so.. something is still better to be kept private. Haha. That is why I said the above mentioned blogger's blogs are way better than mine.

OK... finished. MY TURN!!!! nyet nyet.. see who I can pass the baton to:
.............. I;'ve been tagged by two persons, so lucky I was, which made me cannot pass to either one of them now..... NVM. I guess that's it. Sorry gals and guys, gotta do this >.<"" !!!



wah already pass to other ppl ar??? so fast la you.
Aiyah, i shy la you put my blog in your blog very vulgar la, dun put mar =P

Jae said...

Hahahaha, no la.As I said it's fun you know, I'll never get to post like you do because.....I'm not vulgar enough?(ya ryte~~~!)Hahahaha this has been bugging me for long time,so cant tahan edi last night posted and passed the baton hahahaa