Wednesday, June 20, 2007

.: Symbol or Show-Off?:.

Heard from a colleague lately about proposing to a girl and he bought a ring for the proposal. Apparently, the ring for proposal is different from the wedding ring.

It needs 1 ring for proposal, and if the girl says the 3 big words "YES I DO!", he will need to buy another ring (2 rings! one for himself!) to be known as THE wedding ring..

My eyes widen when I heard that, not to say I didn't know and I think I've heard it before somewhere... (just admit I dunno-lah!!!), I was like " HUH!! Really?" And I immediately thought of how much should it cost for a wedding, be it a presentable one? Then the girl can have 2 rings! Hmmm think about it, if it's gonna be an engagement, will it be 3 rings in total? If the guy is well-to-do, the girl can have 3 diamond platinum rings for making the vow!

I mean.. I'm not sure about you girls, some of you may curse me from the back of your voice that I am stupid for making this post, but is it necessary? It is ALL BERRY VERY SWEET to have the love one to propose to you with a beautiful ring, and both make the lifelong vow with a different ring. Is this the tradition? Or have the brands misled the public for god knows how many years?

I admit that we all dream to have the perfect & romantic proposal ever, NEVER MIND if the wedding is such a havoc but the proposal MUST BE ROMANTIC!! So next time we can tell our children how their father proposed to us with the cheeks blushing and the eyes glowing with tears of proud. And also tell to our friends how our boyfriend propose to us, paused in the middle to expect "Wowwww!" "Waaaaahhh!" "Oh my goddddd that's soooo sweeeeeeeettt!!" etc response with us having the biggest grin of life on our face!

And during the wedding we thirst for blessings from every single souls we know, recognition from relatives which is gonna make our parents proud, and whenever they talk about our wedding next time, it's gonna be "Wow you know her wedding is such a grand one! Her parents is SOOOOO proud to get this son-in-law!!!"

(As you see I begin to day dream)

My point is.. there are times when we can dream of the best, but also can try to be understanding if it doesn't turn out to be the way we want. If your guy is not well-to-do, is it really important to be assured with the brightest visible diamond that topped the platinum ring? Would you be happy if he spent almost half, maybe all of his savings just to give you a wedding that you're gonna remember and envied by the relatives and friends for the rest of your life? The ceremony is important, the whole meaning behind it is important, but, to be able to build your life together afterwards and be proud of each other for the rest of your life, and be determined of the life partner that you've chosen, for better or worse, through sickness and death, through success and falls, and you're gonna love him/her for the rest of your life, isn't this more important?


Anonymous said...

"Han Kar" liow.. LOL
Should I start preparing for the "yan cheng" now? haha

s7even said...

really? O.o
guess i better start saving up lol.

anyway on a serious note, a marriage ceremony maybe important to some but it better to concentrate on what's after the ceremony- partnership, family grown etc. A lot of time we see a great wedding but ended in a bitter divorce. At times it even scared me to think about it...

Marriage is not about getting the biggest diamond or an overly romantic relationship. It about sincerity, commitment, sacrifice, understanding and love between each other ;)

lol, i think it's too soon for me to think about this :P

Jae said...

Kid: Yeah u shd! RM2 per day!
S7even: yup u're correct, positive and correct mindset. Just wish people will think the way we think...

*fingers crossed*

Eric Hiew said...

buy plastic ring enuff liow... plastic = last forever... platinuim? gold? once stolen consider gone~ see? if plastic, no one will bother to steal them... grins~ =P

Jae said...

=) Just my $0.2 about it, I think if affordable there's no harm making one that is gonna be memorable for a life long.. poor also has a way of making a moment to remember; rich need not to say. Most importantly is the heart as it truly represents how much a person weights to you, although it's un-measurable.
And plastic is really an eternity because cannot be recycled forever! hahahahaha!