Saturday, July 16, 2005

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My dad is coming home today. :)
Thanks Dr.Kim Tan.

Thanks to the friends who asked about my dad. He is alright. For those who havent know what's happening: My dad is admitted to hospital on 11/7/2005 ( Monday) because he felt the pain at his heart. After checking he's proven to have artieries blocked aka coronary disease. His case can be considered as Heart Attack. Many of arteries are blocked. Doctor cleared the main one, which is 99% blocked on the left heart. If it's 100%, stroke happens. The other on the right heart is 97% blocked.Other smaller arteries can be treated by medication. So left blocked is clear, and the right blocked will be clear in 2 weeks time. At the meantime he's still a bomb.

My dad is coming home today :)


Anonymous said...

OMG ... uncle... get well soon :)

Jae said...

Thanks babe. He's fine now.. :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks GOD & Thanks Dr.Kim Tan.


its great news to hear that your dad is now fine.

Jae said...

Thanks soon feei, thanks Eugene. HE's getting better today hehe.