Friday, March 24, 2006

.: Troubled , and Pleasure... :.

I wonder is all the supervisor/ manager the same in the world? Seem to have all the flexibility but deep down he/she is just a CONTROL FREAK! What could gone out of control when everyone there basically is ADULT? Can't take up resposibility or initiative to find out the way of doing things and those who make the 1st move will actually be "adviced" ? Or it's just the working world politics that rule the thing? Kind of frustrated sometimes .. maybe I'm still "young" in the working world so must "langgar" (bang) alot of "wall" or "board" or "pan" whatever you wanna call it before I learn when and how and where to take action, or even make a word? sigh...

^ The above writing was made weeks ago. I was kinda frustrated so couldn't wait to just vend everything here. Luckily I didnt get to finish on that day else I'm gonna scold more and more and more and finally get out of control forgetting this is a public blog.

***********************************SO it has passed..****************************************

Now, I'm just back from Genting Highland 2 days ago. I went with my love one. Spent 2 days there walking and playing. Oh, and we got to watch a magic show called Mysteria. The show was quite okay. Impressive costume and dancing. And the tiger! Got the ordinary brown color tiger and WHITE TIGER, 2 very beautiful animals. Hmm maybe I sat too near, my seat was the first line of the seating so I was like, 2 feet from the stage, so the magic thing seemed .... okay for me. Not a whoo-wah! thingy. BUT, the stunt presented by bunch of chinese girls ( from CHina) is impressive! Their light-weight jump and excellent accuracy must be praised. I gave them my loudest and highest applause and I really respect them. Imagine they having a difficult life compared with what I'm doing. Wow I feel so small suddenly. Hehehe..

************************************The American Idol************************************

Who keeps track with it like I do? I love watching it this time. It's got several good singers, I'm just afraid that they choose a wrong song that leads them to elimination. My favourite are still Chris Daughtry and Elliot Yamin. I wouldn't worry about Chris because he got such a voice that no matter what song he sings, it's just gonna be a good one ( Maaaaaaaaaaaybe, like Randy said, he should go for a different type of style next time, Chris ROCKS!!!!! yes we all know you can rock Chris, please show more versatility). Elliot, however, everytime he sings I'm gonna terrified with the song he chose. I just dont wish to see him got eliminated because of wrong song choice. We all know he can sing~ C'mon! Last week he was good! When he opened his mouth I know this is another version of "I dont wanna be" which Bo Bice sang in the last American Idol. A GOOD ONE! I felt so high listening to his perfomance --- he wasn't closed up himself but he went for it! Just let it all out! NICCCCEEE~~~~~~!!!!
My eyes laid on Katherine too, she is marvelous! God-gift voice, lovely and sassy out look, sing efforlessly. I love watching her sings! She can actually smile while singing (can't you notice?) no matter how high or low her pitch is.


I got migrane attack last night. Started around 8++pm but because I was so hooked up with gaming I tried to hold it until I finished the game. By that time I just couldn't hold anymore I nearly puke on my keyboard. I went to the washroom straight after the game but nothing came out of my throat. I felt like shit like my head was gonna tear into half. My dad was watching football match and you know how migrane patients get so sick to noise and light. Trying to puke but nothing's out I told my mom I was just gonna hit the sack, no dinner for me, I just couldn't wait to lay down on my bed in a dark room. In my room, now my brother wanted to get a shower (we share the same washroom). Noise continued to poke into my eardrum and my head felt like tearing into half piece by piece. Man, I thought it was because of too much of roller coaster ride, but ..... well I just told myself over and over again that "I'm gonna be alright" until I fell asleep. I wanted to get some pill but I wanted to fight it without pain killers. I can't rely on pain killers all the time right? I dont want to. Finally I 'pain' to sleep and it was over around 2.30am (I woke up that time and felt no pain anymore). What a night......

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Joo said...

><" Migraine...@@..must rest more ler...dun stress urself...i knew how it feel @@..but my one + spinning like sitting on roller coaster. Hope u are ok now.

AI....i dun really like Chris ler...his stlye, acts all looks same de @@, take the mike singing =.=.e4.

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