Saturday, March 04, 2006

.: American Idol :.

Christ Daughtry - I just love him!!! His singing is like not enough for me !!My reason to watch American Idol :)
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And then Elliot Yamin - Also my reason to watch American Idol ! He just got an amazing voice that I adore much.. :)
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And... this .. Ace Young.. got good looks, but just doesnt appeal much to me!! How long do you think he can stay?
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Sway... man I like him. He could have melted so many hearts by singing R&B.. why he has to leave?
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Kellie Pickler - very cute & very genuine. Just like Simon said she's got the "likability" X-factor hehehehe!
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s7even said...

i been following this year's American Idol till the final 24 round on singapore channel while in hometown... too bad can see it here cos i dun have tv T.T

Jae said...

agrh too bad... nvm I update u hehehee