Saturday, March 04, 2006

.: Oh my God .. did I ...... :.

I got this joke of the day few days back. My brother is the man.. I cant help laughing thinking back the look on his face when he said something such as this :

cK - running down the stairs fast around 9.30 in the morning..."Sei lor!!!!!" (means die lor in manglish , and damn/OMeeGod in English)

My mom and I turned and looked at him...

cK - "I wonder if I had eaten a cocroach last night during sleep! I saw a brown thing at my lower gum when I brushed my teeth!"

Mom - "You should smell like shit if you'd really eaten one" ( somehow I wonder why she's so calm saying things like this)

And then I just laughed and laughed at him because he's just one of a heck a coward towards cocroach, if he'd really eaten one...... I guess he'd be puting in the toilet anytime soon.... And he will never scare of a cocroach EVER AGAIN! HAHAHAHHAHA "What? I'd eaten one before, during sleep somemore! have you?" *blink*


s7even said...

hahaha how old is ur bro? i haven eat cocroach since my childhood days (accidentally of cuz) I remember spitting out a leg while eating something... ugh, thinking now wanna make me vomit =.="

Jae said...

har.... he ar... He is cKc the clown of Companions lor /heh such a joker...

omg u also had similar experience hahahaah!