Saturday, April 15, 2006

.: Rare holidays, must appreciate! :.

I got a long weekend because of Good Friday and Easter... hahahahah can't believe that HK people are so well in getting public holiday, which I think it's essential for employees to rest & relax & refresh. Never have I complained about Malaysian public holidays that I couldn't enjoy because my working days basically follow Hong Kong, when I have my holiday, I laugh at my brother who's gotta wake up and go to work ( actually, vice versa)

So I took the precious time and went shopping with my mom. It's been a long time since our last day out. Kinda different nowadays because I pay for what I want to buy, and she pays for what she wants, and I could buy her a lunch at Oh!Sushi, which both of us enjoy the Japanese food very much. That's the life once you start working, right? I think that's at least what I can do after study, after they stop supporting me for my academic learning. I am able to make them less worry about my financial, whether I have enough to spend or not. I dont earn much actually, but enough to support myself at the moment, and spend abit on them to make them pleased.

So... what I wanna do for rest of my weekend ..... plan! plan! Must not waste it! haha....

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