Saturday, February 21, 2009

.: Story - last episode :.

................ the past 2 months of a life journey seems to be a life time. I fell, I crawled, I'm on my feet again now, getting ready to step out to embrace again what a life that I'd once abandoned.

Nothing beats the shock given from the one who means the world to you.
Nothing beats the cut from the one who you thought is the safest to rely on.

There, some story that I started... I have idea to write again, and end it.

"Sailor decided to sail out to seek for more adventures, alone. Pushing her back to her land. Trembling on shocking knees, he is all she saw behind closed eyes. Weather changed, green hills become fields of mud, birds stop chirping, the sun hid from her glare. Flood in her eyes it drowned every single heart beat. Music on the ship was still playing in her ears as she watched the ship set sail further... She, however, rooted on the ground.

Exhaling her last breath, she closed and opened her eyes. Nothing's left around her. No more blooming daisies, no more crystal clear river water. All she sees in is in gray. No mercy on the pain she feels on every inch of her skin, no passion on any melody she heard from nearby town.
Her stomach is growling but she tastes no food. Her lips are cracking but no dew drops she could swallow. She sent her voice to the sailor. Saying everything they had for him to turn back. But the ocean fetched him further by his order, tossed the old self away he now breathes new. Greedily he moves forward, sucking every familiar essence from the breeze he had once felt.

Leaving her with herself licking her own wound. A once possessive woman now left nothing to call as her own. Fairies come by to blemish the scars that she got. Angels stayed put to make sure she recovered.

It was never meant for an earth divine to fall for a sailor. She went against the destiny , changing her living to adapt a life with him. Rode the waves, sang the songs, dimmed the lights. When the journey ended, it's tragic to accept the reality. When everything has come to an end, the end will then have a new beginning.

Wonder how many days later... her cheeks once again felt the warm from the sun that has long gone. "

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