Saturday, February 21, 2009

.: Lucky :.

I'd met 2 wonderful person about 2 months back. So eagerly I want you all to know how lucky I am. =)

She, has such a clear, crunchy voice, sometimes way too cute that makes me laugh. Eyes turned when she walks by because of her wonderful charisma. She has these lovely eyes that took all that attention when she talks. Very idealistic lady, strong character and very infectious! She's spoiled to the rotten but she too spoils the people around, it just makes her friends want to cuddle up with her when see her. Not to mention she's so full of energy at work, protecting and pay full respect to her peer colleagues as well as bosses. POSITIVE vibe--- best to describe her, period.

He, who has a constant confidence aura around him from head to toe. Quiet most of the time, but don't get him to start talking. (Didnt mean you're naggy hehe) Rationality is the word to describe, not the best though. Seek moderation in most of the things he does. Full of respect to the people around him. Persistent on the things he WANTS to do, and enjoy every little reward from them, be it big or small. I wouldn't describe him as ambitious, but he grabs hold of every opportunity that comes along which benefits not only himself but the people he cares about. He never take people for granted cause of what he has been through. CONSCIOUSNESS --- amazing and strong character he posses.

Didn't even imagine how I'd be picked up by their mercy hands and being nurtured with every single effort they can think of.

Just as life gets to the lowest point -- Her care and constant attention kept me closely with her. She pulled me back when I withdrew, even a slight one. She shed the tears on my face, heard me when I called out to her even in the middle of the night. And then her piercing words never stop penetrates my heart with cruel facts which intended to slap me to my senses. He taught me to again find interest in myself, and start to value my own values and opinion first. He let me just go explore my preferences, to know my ownself again as I've been forgetting who I was in the past 2 years. He let me feel the joy from doing the things I like to do, which is supposed to build confidence in myself again believing I am actually not bad, after all.

Their advices all sounded familiar as series are using them on TV all the time... But I haven't heard them the way I should at first. Not until lately, things started to be clearer. Acceptance of what had happened is something really not easy. But I'd learned to do that. To forget should be my next step and move on. I move slow, they wait. She may stop at my pace and take a break with me. He gives me some small rewards if I get few steps forward.

Just how wonderful the connection could be. People around you whom you may not even realize how they truly value your existence, when you're in deep shit. It just proves 1 thing - Life surprises you when you least expected it.

A friendship like this, I'd never in my wildest dream ever imagined. Words unspoken but understood with the exchange of some smiles and actions. I guess I'm not actually losing at the stake of life, but I gained a whole lot more if not for what I'd been through.

Chun Keat , Abbie - my 2 angels ....... and devils :)

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