Monday, February 06, 2006

.: My Chinese New Year :.

How's your CNY celebration?

Mine is nothing different from any other years - like battling for the 1st-3rd day of CNY. I basically just visited house to house in Seremban, Teluk Intan, and this year, Penang too. Traffic is exceptionally smooth for KL but the North-South highway! And Oh-Mee-God Penang was terribly jammed just about everywhere! Pity those cars that broke down and had to stop aside on the highway, imagine what they had to do to get back their car fixed.... $$ that may costs a bomb, and what's after that? travel back home? continue the journey? So my big advice for the drivers, check the car before going on a long journey with slow traffic because you are at risk of car breaking down, and potentially causing traffic slow, and it's dangerous too to stay at the roadside.

I was sick before CNY so my 1st & 2nd day of CNY were not sooooooo perfect but not so bad too-lah... It's just that I can't eat what I want hehehe. But it's alright so I wont gain so much weight during CNY hahahaha ( big reason actually!)

And I started work on Thursday. I actually have to work on Wednesday but I took 1 day leave so I still have time to accompany family to visit relatives. When back to work, the CNY mood is still lingering around I just felt so lazy hahah luckily the workload wasn't heavy else.... It ain't feeling good to work while ppl are still enjoying the holidays!!!!!

Weekend was packed - visit friends, catch a movie, pak-toh with boy boy, and the big day for Hokkien people - the 9th day which is the "Bai Ti Gong" day that falls on 6th Feb (Mon). We pray on the night before though after 12 midnight. Lots of preparation and afterwards cleaning but I have to work on Monday so I went to bed earlier. After this day, I guess it's the 15th day of CNY which will have another big praying.

After so many days..... I havent open my money luck!!!! Hell yeah I havent gamble hehehehehe Even visiting the relatives and friends I still haven't "open table" (hoi toi in cantonese). Gggrrrrriiiiirrrrrrr... but ar... well I'm not a big gambler but just want to have the fun of playing. Heheheehe..

Been writing so long and so unorganized, I hope you all can understand what I'm saying because my CNY is basically such unorganized and chaotic. Hope you all have a GREAT Dog year!

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Wimal said...

Happy CNY. It was jam when I was coming home from Malacca and the thing is, there wasn't any accident on my side of the highway. It was thanks to the KPCs who wan to keipou the accidents on the opposite side. oh well, at least i'm home safely.

Yup, i agree with u, b4 a long journey, should check the car's condition. Usually my family sends the car for servicing b4 a long trip.