Wednesday, February 15, 2006

.: A Valentine Surprise :.

Never had I ever imagined that I'd have a surprising Valentine's Day night...

I gotta work -- there's no way to escape for that day because my colleage is attending a training for a day so I couldnt take leave. We celebrated it on Sunday and exchanged gifts. He gave me a very special necklace - I had to open the mollusk to get the pearl inside and then sealed it with a pendant, and then I can wear it. :) Ok story continues :)

As usual 9pm I off work and stepped out from the office building. I was abit late because the work load was pretty heavy. My dear was there earlier and waited for me with a bouquet of roses in his hands! I totally didnt know anything about it I just headed straight to my car as I drove to work that day. He hinted me to just take the company bus to work because he planned to pick me up when I'm off. So he called out my name but I was beside the bus so I couldnt hear so clearly. He ran up to me from the back with the roses, imagined there were so many people just standing at the door and said "why didnt you pick up my call?" I looked up and nearly screamed out of suprise! I just stonned and searched for my phone and there were 7 missed calls totally. Well my phone was in silent mode and I couldn't feel the vibration so I didnt know that he called. Then I said "How you came?" CHUP -----> See, it should be "Happy Valentine's Day baby" but it turned out to be "Why didnt you pick up my call?" "How you came?" hahaha!

Wow I was so happy I just stood there and asked how long has he been planning this... And well ended up I drove my car and he drove his car, together-gether we went back my home. And then spent the last 2 hours of Valentine's Day together talking about all his "surprise plan" :)

I have had a very very sweet Valentine's Day... Thanks to my baobei Edwin - I love you.

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