Thursday, January 19, 2006

.: Five Weird Habits of Myself :.

I got tagged.... again.... =.=

Okie, well done Wimal... well done in making me got something to post here.. and this time WTH is 5 weird habits? Oh my.....

The rules/procedures are as follows:
The first player of this game starts with the topic "five weird habits of yourself," and people who get tagged need to write an entry about their five weird habits as well as state this rule clearly. In the end, you need to choose the next five people to be tagged and link to their web journals. Don't forget to leave a comment in their blog or journal that says "You are tagged" (assuming they take comments) and tell them to read yours.

1. I wash hands frequently - at least I think it's weird. I can't stand touching something which is not my own and go on for the rest of the day. Nah-ah... I will feel miserable and just want to get my hands washed ASAP. And this is only about THINGS, not PEOPLE ( okie, I know what you're thinking u notty boy/girl)

2. I yawn frequently - I yawn regardless of time, people I'm with as long as I got nothing to do. Not because of tired but I think my brain is seriously lack of Oxigent....

3. Restless - It's worse if I got a good cup of nescafe or stronger coffee ( like I'm getting high or what...) If I know I'm somewhere for a purpose i.e. working, I kinda like can't sit properly when I'm idle - either my feet will move or I'll go massage my arm or finger joints, or I'll just stand up and walk around. Is this a sign of low self-esteem/confidence?

4. Touch my face - erm.. I kinda like to do so becoz ... I don't know. It's actually a very bad habit because I bring dirt to my face through my finger tips which will cause break outs... hmm.. I will have to remind myself not to do it ...

(Man.. I'm really out of idea already...Oh that means I actually dont have much hahahaha)

5. Man.. I really cant think of anymore, I've been dragging this for a long time !!! Spare me with the last habit pls~~ And I cant think of anyone to forward this so... Okie I just expose my weird habits for you all to know.. Oh I know, there's 1 I want to tag... :


Okie, done!!

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