Tuesday, November 23, 2004

.: I dont know what my life's up to :.

Been very lazy lately. Knowing I have a long list of things that I need to do - midpoint interim report, homework of the 2 subjects that I'm studying this semester......Well, come to count it, these 2 are the most important now and are my responsibility to do them well. BUT, why ain't I working my ass off for that? Told ya', am lazy.
AND.... went clubbing at Atmosphere the last Saturday to celebrate a belated birthday for a friend named Kwong and another named "Water fish". My first time there and I think, it's just okay for me. Don't really like it VERY much. However, a place where you can see hip hop chaps ( dress like one ) dancing shuffle on the dance pool, or just at the tables. Admire them. *yoohoo* And erm, sure there were people who K.O.ed by friend, or ...... by themselves. Lolz. The 2 birthday boys certainly didnt escape, "Waterfish" was the most terrible one, he couldnt even put his head up afterwards. Well I dont know, his head was forever on the table even we went "yum cha" after that. I didnt drink much.. very sober...hmm.. or should I drink? *hehe*
Oh yeah, bought myself color contact lenses. Currently wearing Pure Hazel. I wonder if my eyeballs are just too dark or the color isn't obvious? Hahahaha Zoe said I should get a lighter color, like Honey. But nah, it's still okay for me.. hehe. It felt weird at first coz... I've never seen my eyes in brown color before? (stupid)
Current mood: pulse normal, head straight.... oops... stomachache
Current music: Bryan Mcfadden - Real To Me


elljay said...

haha..i wanna try hazel too..
am on grey for this month.. *wink*

Jae said...

Hehe I oso have a pair of Grey color. Havent tried. I like brown haha. Looks sorta natural.

Anonymous said...

Cat eye contacts anyone? haha